Welcome to cookie heaven!!

I've enjoyed cooking and baking since I was little with my dad! We were even pictured in the newspaper making our tasty treats!! (Check out the picture over to the right...I am the only one looking at the camera!!)

Most recently, I've started baking and decorating sugar cookies and I have found a new passion that is keeping me busy and well fed! As you'll see below, I like to make my cookies fun and colorful!! The possibilities are endless and I'm ready and waiting to make some cookies for you! If you are interested in having some yummy, personalized cookies of your own, drop me a line at SimplyCookiesByMolly@gmail.com and we can talk. I need at least a week's notice for most orders and am willing to ship your cookies anywhere! Though, I will need some extra "packaging" time in that case! I have also added a page with more information about ordering and shipping, so make sure you check that out!

Prices and Ordering

Here is a little bit of information for you if you are interested in placing an order!

Currently, I do not have a formal system for orders, so please email me at SimplyCookiesByMolly@gmail.com with your order request or with any questions you might have!

My schedule is quickly filling up, so please email your order request as soon as possible so that you will be able to claim a spot!

I will take orders on a first come, first served basis! Your spot is guaranteed once I recieve payment for the cookies.

Prices are per cookie, with a minimum order of one batch
(one batch = 12 large or 20 medium sized cookies)
I am willing to negotiate prices, especially for large orders, so please just email me with any questions!

Large Cookies are $3.50 each*
(see the butterfly cookie post for an example of a large cookie; these cookies are about full-hand sized)

Medium Cookies are $2.00 each*
(the majority of the round cookies on the site are medium sized; these cookies are about palm sized)

*These prices are valid for a standard cookie design; any design that I feel is complicated and may require additional time, may be subject to an additional fee!
The price you pay for your cookies includes packaging in a cello bag with a ribbon (color matched to your cookie colors!). Any additional packaging, such as boxes or tins will be an additional charge.

I will be more than happy to ship your cookies to you, however, there will be an additional charge.
I ship Priority Mail via the USPS, so my shipping prices are based on the size of the box necessary to contain the number of cookies you order.
For a one batch order, shipping will be $11 in most cases, however this can vary.
I will give you an exact shipping cost based on your individual order!

Local orders (in the Atlanta, GA area) can be picked up by appointment. Delivery of orders in the area will be an additional charge based on the delivery distance.
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