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I've enjoyed cooking and baking since I was little with my dad! We were even pictured in the newspaper making our tasty treats!! (Check out the picture over to the right...I am the only one looking at the camera!!)

Most recently, I've started baking and decorating sugar cookies and I have found a new passion that is keeping me busy and well fed! As you'll see below, I like to make my cookies fun and colorful!! The possibilities are endless and I'm ready and waiting to make some cookies for you! If you are interested in having some yummy, personalized cookies of your own, drop me a line at SimplyCookiesByMolly@gmail.com and we can talk. I need at least a week's notice for most orders and am willing to ship your cookies anywhere! Though, I will need some extra "packaging" time in that case! I have also added a page with more information about ordering and shipping, so make sure you check that out!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

End of Year Celebration!

A few of you may be thinking that I am crazy for posting about an end of year celebration in the middle of August, but to my credit, we are talking end of the FISCAL year!

Back in July we had an office party to celebrate another successful fiscal year, and after seeing (and eating!) the cookies that I brought for the Welcome Party, the planning committee asked me to bring some cookies for this party!

(It was my first official request for some cookies! Hooray! Usually I just make them because I feel like it!)

Since the end of the fiscal year falls right around the Fourth of July, the party had a red, white and blue theme, and the cookies matched!
The picture doesn't really do the colors justice, but trust me, those cookies are red and royal blue, not pink and light blue!

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